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I thought this would be a fun page to create. Music is a big part of my life, as I am sure it is for many people. I love sharing music with others, and I think you can learn a lot about a person from the music they enjoy.

I can safely say there really aren't many genres of music that I don't like. I like a lot of alternative bands mainly.... but modern dance, classical and new age are also great! And because I fondly remember the 80's.... I like a lot of cheesy 80's music as well.

Favorite songs can change frequently for me, but here are some that I've loved for a long time and can't imagine ever getting tired of them. Along with the name of the song and artist, I've linked to a great site called "4Shared" where you can actually download or just listen to the song.

I hope you enjoy these great tunes! :)

I have alot more to add to this page, so please check back. Alot of songs I wanted to put on this page are not on 4Shared, and I will need to upload them to my account before I can share them here!

If You Could Read My Mind, by Gordon Lightfoot - This song has been a favorite of mine ever since I was a little girl. To this day, everytime I hear it, it gives me goosebumps. I find the lyrics quite beautiful and heartbreaking. This song actually influenced a few poems I have written in my life, because I often feel similar feelings in relationships to those that are described in the song.

Same Old Lang Syne, by Dan Fogelberg - In my opinion, this is the most sentimental song that exists! This is another song I have loved since I was little. The lyrics are extremely heartbreaking, but I love that its basically a story in music form. As an adult who has been reaquanited with old lovers, I can really appreciate and relate to this song. I definitely know the "old familiar pain" referred to in the song.

Love Came For Me, by Rita Coolidge - I've loved this song ever since I saw the movie "Splash" (starring Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks) in the early 80's. Even as an adult I still believe in fairytales and that everyone has a soulmate, and this song (although kinda corny I admit) seems to convey the hopefulness of finding that kind of love. I'm 35 and still looking for it!

Song for Eric/Etienne, by Tori Amos - I always thought these two songs went together well, so worked a little audio magic to do that. Song for Eric is a B-Side from the "Little Earthquakes" album (1992), and "Etienne" is a song from the album Y Kant Tori Read, which was Tori's 80's band....they had put out one album which did not do well. "Etienne" is one of the two songs on the album which Tori still performs live. Both "Song for Eric" and "Etienne" are songs about true love... my favorite subject! I immediately fell in love with "Etienne" when I first heard it. You gotta love a song that starts off with "Maybe I'm a Witch..."

Lust, by Tori Amos - This song is about learning to express love with a partner after a traumatic experience. Finding a partner who understands, is patient, and at the same time ignites your passion can be an amazing healer. I guess I've been fortunate enough to have had that, and it has helped me deal with a certain event that altered my life. I'm very grateful to the men in my life, and that's why this song is very special to me.

Dazzle , by Siouxie and the Banshees - This song was put on a mixed tape made for me by my first boyfriend, Brian, who came to visit me in Melrose Massachusetts all the way from Fremont California when we were 13 years old (1989!!!). I just remember hanging out with him in my room and listening to this tape, and us dancing and having a pillow fight to this song. Very fond memory!!!! :)

Love Cats, by The Cure - This is another song that was on the mixed tape Brian made me. He used to call me Cat, so he thought this was just a cute song to put on the tape. He said, "Because you're Cat and I love you!" So sappy :)

We Never Danced, by Martha Davis (of The Motels) - This is a beautiful song that I've loved ever since I saw the movie "Made in Heaven" starring Kelly McGillis and Timothy Hutton (which is one of my favorite movies) sometime in the 80's. I have always had the belief that there is someone out there for each of us, and that we all have a soul mate waiting to be found.

Adore, by Prince - Lyrics to this song were painted inside a denim jacket that my high school Sweetheart, Patrick, handpainted for me. I still have the jacket! This song is special to me because Patrick used it to express how he felt for me. So romantic :)

Grand Progression, by Prince - Another song my high school sweetie and I loved.

Sing, by Travis - This song is about putting your inhibitions aside when you're with the one you love, and just expressing how you feel and being yourself with them even if its embarrassing. It could have a less annoying beginning, but its a great tune.

Brilliant Mind, by The Furniture - This song is from another favorite movie of mine, "Some Kind of Wonderful", an 80's movie from the late great John Hughes. It's full of teenage angst! :)

Operator, by Jim Croce - This is another song I've adored since I was little.

You Must Be Out of Your Mind, by Magnetic Fields - This song is by one of my favorite bands of all time! I had the pleasure of seeing them live in Boston in February of 2010, and this is one of the song they performed and it was definitely a highlight of the show. I love their style of music -- it almost sounds like stream of consciousness thinking -- its dark, sarcastic, and wonderful. I also love the lead singer's very deep voice.

I Looked All Over Town, by Magnetic Fields - This is kind of a melancholy song, but I love the imagery it conjures.

I Think I Need a New Heart, by Magnetic Fields - Unfortunately this song has been in commercials, but I still love it.

Underwear, by Magnetic Fields - Another great song by MF. And really.... IS there anything better? :)

Total Eclipse of the Heart, Bonnie Tyler cover by Tori Amos - In August 2007, I won a front row ticket upgrade to the Boston Tori Amos show by writing an essay about how my high school sweetheart Patrick and I always attend her shows together. During one of the encores, Tori Amos performed this song for the first and only time. I remember everyone rushing to the stage to watch her perform this song.... and Patrick guided me through the crowd so I could get to the stage and watch Tori perform this song even closer than where we were.. It was an awesome moment and her rendition of this song is positively beautiful.

Northern Lad, by Tori Amos - This song reflects what's going on in my life right now. If I could sing any song to Jeff, this would be it.

Always, by David Guetta (featuring JD Davis) - This song reminds me of someone very special who once thought of me while listening to this song. Now he probably never listens to it at all :( . I really wanted to set him free, but he will never give me that chance.

Sweet Suite(Beginning at the End), by Wendy and Lisa - This song makes me think of the same special person mentioned above.

Always in My Dreams, by Wendy and Lisa - I had a long distance relationship with a man named Jason who lived in Canada when I was 13 (and he was 18). We had deep feelings for each other, but knew we could never meet. We used to have very long heartfelt talks on the phone, and sent many letters to each other. I played this song a lot after we had a falling out, as it seemed to fit perfectly with how I felt about him.

I Will Love You, by Fisher - It seems like I've been waiting forever for someone to love me this much. It hurts to love someone this much and have that person not feel the same in return. I've had my share of tragic love stories :( .

Romantic Voyage, by Vanity - This is just one of my favorite romantic songs, its very ethereal. Vanity is more famous for "Nasty Girl" and other risque songs (which I also love!), but this is a great slow tune.

Modern Love, by Bloc Party - I was once told by an old friend of mine that a series of chapters I wrote (and let her read) should be made into a movie with this song as the "love theme" of the film. I totally agree that it definitely fit well. Love this song!

Shame, by the Motels - Along with Journey's Greatest Hits, The Motels tape with this song on it was always in my Walkman during Freshman year of college. That year I fell in love with Shawn and stayed in love with him for the whole time I was attending UNH. We didn't actually date until our Senior year, and it was a very brief relationship. He was always so consumed by work and school that he didn't take much time out to have relationships with people, especially anything romantic. I remember listening to this song a lot during that time, as it seemed to express how I wanted to just grab Shawn by the collar and say "forget about all that other shit and kiss me already!" :) He eventually did, and it was probably the best kiss I've ever had. Maybe because I waited four years for it????? I think I'm fortunate enough to have had some very wonderful kissers in my life. To me, kissing is more intimate and sensual than pretty much any other romatic activity. If you can't kiss for days, you're not my type :)

Before I Go, by Yanni - I think it's sad that we live in a world where being a Yanni fan is something to be ashamed of. I used to listen to Yanni all the time in college...his music helped me relax. This is one of my favorite Yanni tunes, which was actually in a reoccuring dream I had for a quite a while. I wrote a story about that dream here.

Love Shack, by B-52's - Brian gave me my first kiss while we listened to this song on the mixed tape he brought me from California. Brian was fluent in French... both the language and the kissing!!!! :) .

Recipe for Love, by Harry Connick Jr. - Des, my boyfriend in graduate school, once seranaded me with this song after we made out in his car. He had a beautiful singing voice, so it was a very special romantic moment for me.

When You Were Young, by The Killers - This song gave me chills when I first heard it. I love the guitar riffs, and the lyrics definitely resonate with me. This song inspired a series of stories I wrote which actually starts with a woman listening to this song.

Time Ago, by Black Lab - This song came out in 1997 when I was a Senior in college at UNH. I first heard it on the radio right after Shawn and I broke up. This song still reminds of him.

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