I wanted to dedicate a page to UNH because I spent 6 years of my life there, and have a lot of great memories.  I haven't been back to Durham NH in a while, but I miss it very much, especially around this time of year (Autumn).    I still feel like Durham is where my heart is.  On this page I'm including some places on campus and off that were very special to me  -- places I lived, and hung out.


This is Engelhardt Hall.  I lived here all four years of my undergraduate study.  Engelhardt is a "special interest" dorm on campus, as is referred to as S.E.L.F, which stands for "Students Electing to Live Free" (of drugs and alcohol).  I have so many happy memories of this place -- we used to have slumber parties, talent contests, and poetry readings. 
This is the "Batcheller House" on campus, which is named after my family.  My Grandfather (my father's father) was a drama professor at UNH for about 30 years.  He was well loved and respected by his students, who used to call him "Batch".  He was known for eating "Chuckles" candy and having a very dry sense of humor.  He died of Cancer in 1986, and taught class until he absolutely couldn't anymore.  His last words to his students were "I'm dying so you better hand in your homework assignments quickly."  Sadly, I never really knew my Grandfather, but I feel a very strong connection to him.  I think we must have had a lot in common.  This place now houses the "President's Commission on the Status of Women."
This is the Paul Creative Arts Center.  My Grandfather taught classes here and his plays were put on here.


This is McConnell Hall....I took a lot of Sociology classes here, and spent many a night in the Computer Lab on the first floor.  I first discovered e-mail here :)
This is Babcock Hall, which is right next to McConnell Hall.  Babcock is the graduate student dorm, where I lived for two years.  This dorm was extremely quiet and no one was very friendly, so my memories of this place aren't as happy as Engelhardt.
This is a picture of one of the Gables Apartments on campus.  You can't tell from this picture, but there are four huge apartment buildings here.  I spent one summer before my Junior year of college on a cleaning crew of 6 people...we spent three months cleaning these places from top to bottom.  Each apartment is huge, anywhere from 4-6 rommmates can live in each one.
This is Morrill Hall.  I took all my graduate courses in Counseling right in this building.
This is the New England Center, which is the hotel on campus.  All the Hotel and Restaurant Management students worked here.  There's a beautiful (and inexpensive) restaurant in here called Acorn's.  I highly recommend you come here for dinner if you're in the area.  I always loved the design /architecture of this building, it was designed to blend in with the surrounding woods.  And it really does....its hard to get a clear picture of it :)

This is just a pretty winter scene.  I used to walk this street alot.
This is the Dimond Library, which is on top of a huge hill right next to Thompson Hall (last picture below).  I worked here for about two years in the Government Documents department.
This is the Huddleston Dining Hall.  I always ate here.  During the holidays, there were always festive dinners, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas....there would be ice sculptures and beautiful decorations.  However, if you didn't go to the special dinners with someone special, you really felt out of place.  Particularly on Valentine's Day!!!
This is the Licker Store, right in downtown Durham.  Its a place that serves great ice cream and other goodies....and is a very popular gathering place :)
This is Thompson Hall, which is sort of the "lighthouse" of the UNH campus.  Its on top of a huge hill.  Students go sledding on the hill on dining hall trays in the winter time.  Frankly, the hill is so steep that the only way you can safely get down it in the winter is by sledding :)

This is the Memorial Student Union building.  I had at least three jobs here, and several organizations I belonged to were housed here -- Including Cool-Aid (the Student-run crisis center) and the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs.
This is Conant Hall, where I took most of my Psychology courses as an undergrad.  I had a job as a "rat runner" in this building for the summer.  It was the first and only job I've ever been fired from.  I was fired because I was squeamish.