Aromatherapy & Magickal Oils

Moon Priestess Perfume:

1 Drop Queen of the Night Oil
3 drops rose oil
1 drop lemon verbana oil
4 fl. oz (120cc) white spirit

Blend the three oils in a bottle. Add the white spirit, and shake all vigorously. A cologne can be made by adding another 1 FL. oz (30cc) of white spirit and 3 fl. oz (90cc) of distilled water.

Moon Priest Cologne:

1 fl.oz (30cc) lemon verbana or Lime oil
2 fl.oz (60cc) coriander oil
1/2 fl.oz. (15cc) camphor or myrrh oil
1/4 fl.oz. (7cc) white spirit
3 3/4 fl.oz. (105cc) distilled water

Blend the oils in a bottle, add the spirit and water and shake all vigorously. Increasing the myrrh oils gives a darker perfume; increasing the camphor, a lighter and more spicy one. All perfumes 'behave' differently on different skins, so it is worth experimenting to find your own balance.

Earth Mother Perfume:

Musk oil
Patchouli oil
Rose Oil
Blend in equal parts, bottle and shake well.

Isis Perfume:

Rose oil
Blue Lotus Oil
Blend equal parts, bottle and shake well.

Sun Goddess Perfume:

Cinnamon Oil
Lemon Verbana Oil
Ylang-Ylang Oil
Blend equal parts, bottle and shake well.

Oil for the Dark of the Moon:

2 fl.oz.(60cc) tincture of myrrh
1 fl.oz.(30cc) oil of cinnamon
1/4 fl.oz.(7cc) Queen of the Night Oil
1 fl.oz.(30cc) oil of rose
Blend, bottle and shake well.

Oil for the Rites of Isis:

7 drops oil of rose
2 Drops oil of Camphor
2 drops tincture of myrrh
3 drops oil of blue hyacinth

Blend the oils of rose, camphor, and blue hyacinth during the waxing moon. Bottle and keep till the Moon wanes. Add the Myrrh

Faerie Magick Oil

This oil is very useful for working with the Fey Folk. Wear it on Midsummer's Eve to increase your chances of faerie encounters.

1/4 oz. almond oil
7 drops lemon oil
10 drops gardenia oil
7 drops jasmine oil
11 drops violet oil
5 drops lavender oil
7 drops lemongrass oil
7 drops rose geranium oil,BR> 7 drops ylang-ylang oil
flowers: jasmine, violet
gems: peridot, moonstone

Gnome's Cap Oil

Useful for contacting Faeries connected with the Earth element.

1/4 oz. almond oil
10 drops cypress oil
5 drops lilac oil
2 drops narcissus oil,BR> 25 drops siberian fir oil
10 drops dark musk oil
flowers: cedar, fir
gem: tiger's eye

Gossamer Wings Oil

Usefil for contacting the Faeries connected with the air element.

1/4 oz. almond oil
12 drops violet oil
10 drops lemon oil
5 drops cajupet oil
20 drops lavender oil
flower: lavender
gem: clear quartz

Modron Incense (Morgan)

5 parts calamus root
1 part cinnamon
5 parts damiana
5 parts frankincense

Mabon Incense (Cunningham)

2 parts frankincense
1 part sandalwood
1 part cypress
1 part juniper
1 part pine
1/2 part oakmoss or a few drops oil
1 pinch pulverized oakleaf

Mabon Incense (unknown)

2 parts frankincense
1 part sandalwood
1 part juniper needles
1 part pine needles
1/2 part patchouli
pinch oak leaf

Fall Sabbat Incense (unknown)

3 parts frankincense
2 parts myrrh
1 part rosemary
1 part cedar
1 part juniper

Mabon Oil (unknown)

4 drops rosemary oil
4 drops frankincesne oil
2 drops apple oil
1 drop chamomile oil
almond oil base

Mabon Oil (unknown)

Equal parts of:
hazelnut oil
almond oil
marigold petals
walnut shells
oak leaves
1 acorn
citrine,topaz or amber

Mabon Oil (unknown)

4 drops pine
4 drops frankincense
4 drops rosemary
2 drops cinnamon
2 drops clove
2 drops sage

Fall Incense (Wylundt's)

1/2 part pine needles
1/2 part rosemary
1/2 part pomegranite
1/4 part oak
1/4 part frankincense
1/4 part cinnamon
1/4 part clove
1/4 part sage

Embracing the Moon by Yasmine Galenorn