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  • These Life Stories pages are very personal and very important to me. Each one of them is a window to my soul, and portrays the light and dark side of me. Everyone has these secret places within themselves, and experiences that have helped them become who they are. They bring us joy, laughter, pain, deep regret, and wisdom beyond our years. Like many people, I have unresolved grief and deep regret in my life. Sometimes we are forced to not talk about it or dismiss it as not being a part of ourselves. Rather than do this, I think it is very healthy to tell my story, and listen to others tell theirs. It is important to realize that our experiences have something to teach us, and that whatever wrong we have done we can learn from.

    It is my hope that through my openness, I can help others realize that no one is isolated because of how they feel or how they have treated others. We are all searching for meaning in our lives, looking for love and nurturance in a harsh world, and we are looking for our destiny.

    DISCLAIMER: Some of these stories can be difficult to read due to the subject matter. And some stories would be considered for mature readers (meaning adults) only.

    To gain access to my password protected story site and PDF book downloads, please e-mail me stating your request.


    "The Lazy Fair"

    By Patrick Kavanagh, my beloved Gatekeeper

    Paradise is lost.
    Go to the end of the line.
    Don't you understand the rules?
    Can't you read the sign?
    The sign says "Come to visit the Lazy Fair".
    I'm going to the Lazy Fair.
    I heard about the coma.
    I'm sorry about your friend.
    What seemed to be a great beginning
    Has obviously come to an end.
    You were wrong, you said she wouldn't dare
    Now she's become a permanent part of the Lazy Fair.
    You found a group of friends
    Who made you feel like you belonged
    But one by one they changed their minds
    I guess that you were wrong.
    You're fooling yourself, they don't really care.
    Why don't you just go to the Lazy Fair.
    You tried to entertain them.
    You only made them bored.
    You tried your best to save them.
    Your words were all ignored.
    You're the one we shouldn't let come up for air
    You should be going to the Lazy Fair.
    You envision the blood of a former companion
    Trickling down the edge of your knife
    While another one hangs in the balance
    Between the creation and the destruction of a life
    All you can do is stand outside and stare.
    Caught between the Freak Show and the Lazy Fair.

    Come with me to the Lazy Fair...

    Don't look at me
    Don't talk to me
    Don't stand with me
    Or walk with me
    Don't smile at me
    Don't cook for me
    Don't hide from me
    Don't look for me
    Don't sleep with me
    Don't eat with me
    Play fair with me
    Or cheat on me
    Don't live for me
    Don't die for me
    Don't laugh for me
    Or cry for me
    Don't work with me
    Don't pray for me
    Run away from me
    Or stay with me
    Don't try to outdo me
    Don't try to top me
    I've made my decision
    Don't try to stop me...

    There's a place beyond your mind
    Impossible to see but easy to find.
    A place that makes you want to stop and stare...

    When you can no longer stand life's painful sting, And you just don't want to think about things
    You've got too many problems and you don't want to care...

    I think its time for you to visit the Lazy Fair
    I'm going to the Lazy Fair

    Chances are you've been there before
    Whether or not you knew the name or what it was for
    When the tension seems to be more than you can bear...

    Everybody goes sometime,
    And if you don't, you lose your mind
    Sitting in your private electric chair...

    You're better off going to the Lazy Fair.
    Come with me to the the Lazy Fair...