Prosperity Spells & Rituals

Spell for increasing Wealth

For this spell, you need an agate with a fossil in it, which is a stone for increasing wealth (you can find them in New Age or Museum stores), and some seeds of a basil plant (basil is a plant of wealth). When the moon is New and the wind is blowing from the east, go into your garden or prepare a pot for planting. Facing the east, plant the basil seeds and bury the agate deep in the soil with the seeds. Do not put the agate on top of the seeds or so close to them that they may not grow. Remember to water, fertilize, and care for your plants. As your plants grow, so will your wealth. You may harvest your basil before it flowers and use it for cooking, and perform the spell again with the same pot and agate. Don't wait until the plant dies, or you may lose your wealth.

Stone of Luck

You can use the Stone of Luck spell for anything, love, money, health, wealth, spirit awareness, etc. The key to this empowerment is consentration and belief. When you have completed this spell, carry the stone around with you. Eventually you will start to get what you want. This spell has been proven to work.

What you need: