Sara Barron ( The CDs came yesterday... thank you so much. You have been amazingly prompt and great at letting me know the status of the CDs as you did them. I am so happy with the result, and want to let you know that it has been an amazing pleasure doing this. I also plan on dropping by your page to order some more! *grin* thanks again!

Tracy ( I traded with Carrie for 44 concerts at a very, very reasonable flat-fee. Throughout our trade she was very nice and I talked with her about the progress of it almost daily. :) I would and have recommended her to other people. She is a definite gift to the Tori trading community. The sound quality of most of the concerts were amazing and the very few that had problems or defects were quickly and painlessly replaced. :) She bends over backwards to make sure you are happy with your trade. I must also tell you how amazing her original CD cover artwork is!! Very high quality. If you trade with her it would be in your best interest to ask for artwork as well. :) I am a very satisfied customer :) and I can't wait to trade with Carrie again.

Holly ( I received the CDs today(both packages). Thank you so much. They are so beautiful; the inserts are just wonderful. One can really tell you put a lot of thought and effort into creating them. I obviously haven't had time to listen to all of them but I'm sure they will be great. Hope to do more with you in the future; maybe some VHS trades? You do trade video tapes, right? Anyway, you do an awesome, awesome job.

Adam ( Carrie is a great trader! She sent my Cd's out monday, and I got them wednesday, and tuesday was a no mail holiday! CD's came with beautiful artwork, and are of the quality she said they were. They were packaged well, and received in perfect condition! A GREAT trader!

Larry Hirsh ( THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU infinity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! You're the best trader I've ever come across. If there's anything you ever need from me, just let me know.

Katie ( is very proffesional and great to trade with! Her CDs have great artwork and the exact quality that she describes. I would be more than willing to trade with her in the future! Thanks again Carrie!

Lori Plumeri (
I am sure you get tons of e-mails and here this all the time but from the bottom of my heart "THANK YOU" =) I received my package and I listend to tori for about 7 hours today .. lol i didn't expect the cd's to come with such lovely artwork I don't even know how to repay you for your kindness and taking the time out to do all of that for me!! i feel like i owe you something !!
anyways ~~ i won't keep you ~~ but i think you ROCK GIRL!! hope to deal with you again ~~ thank you so much!

YOUR WONDERFUL !! i can't believe you really put so much effort into the trade ~~ i appreciate the artwork..

The above reference is feedback from a person I sent 15 CDRs to

Ashley Hitchcock ( Hey there. I got my package today and everything looks and sounds great!!! I am really excited about it.

Melanie Vyvyann (: i just wanted to thank you for the milwaukee shows you sent. they bring back such good memories from when i saw tori. i recieved them the week before my spring break so i had lots of time to listen to them. so thanks again.

Steven Rios ( hey again. dont know if i told you i got the stuff and its terrrific... if i did.. well im saying it again! thanks again carrie :))))

Ursula Kirkland ( I am just writing to let you know everything arrived safe and sound and I love them!

Brandon Sink ( i got the cd of bakersfield today! thank you so much! it is absolutely beautiful....both the artwork and the recording! thanks SOOO much again for all your hard and beautiful work! :)

Kristine ( I would just love to thank you VERY much, this london show is THE best i have heard ever!!!! and the cases are so bveautiful!!!!! im tellin all my friends about you!!!! do you have a list of others you have? im very interested in some more...thank you thank you

Matthew Presidente ( I have traded with Carrie several times, and not only has she come through without any confusion, she has also gone out of her way to get me my trades quickly. From the day I e-mailed her for the trade I recieved my package one week later. She is very fast, and reliable. She also printed nice inserts for my CDs which is always appreciated. I would encourage anyone to trade with her - ignore the rumors.

Lucy Bennett ( I've traded with Carrie on a number of occassions now since 1998, including a very large 30 tape trade and I was totally and utterly satisfied with our trades, they were the most fun ones I've ever had! There were no problems at all with any of the tapes, all were extremely high quality and everything went very smoothly. I've been extremely satisfied with all our trades together!!

Eric Wilcox ( You were prompt and friendly, and the CDs I got from you were nicely done and good quality. I appreciate everything greatly.

Allen ( The few trades I have done with Carrie have been flawless. She is fast in getting her side of the trade out, honest about quality, and always willing to help those with smaller collections offering 2:1's etc. People like Carrie make trading such a great thing. I hope to trade again soon.

Steven Lewis ( You're so far at least one of the most honest traders I've traded with.

Larry Hirsh: Very, very fast and quite friendly. The CDs were in EXCELLENT condition, awesome sound quality, and gorgeous, professionally done color inserts. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
I got them yesterday, and I'm very impressed. Your CDs are SO professionally done, with such pretty pictures.

Jamie Kaufman: Very friendly wonderful person. A genuine pleasure to do business with. Thank you so much!

Anon Kaleiderman: just wanted to say thanks so much, i recieved the tapes and love the concert, i appreciate all your trouble it really made my week.

Fernando Ramos: If somebody wants references, then please send them my address and I will be more than happy to praise you.

ML Fisher, You sent WAY more than what I sent you! The CD's are fantastic! The artwork is great! I need to send you something else to make up for all that you two tapes were worth way less than your 4 CD's!!!
Thanks again! YOU ARE AWESOME!

Angie ( I wanted to let you know that I still think you're awesome. And that you're definately one that I would like to continue trading with in the future.

"ikesdead", Redondo Beach: Cds came quickly and in tiptop shape Outstanding sound. Beautiful pro style inserts.