Carrie E. Batcheller Counseling C.V.


University of New Hampshire, Y.o.G. 1997, GPA: 3.76, degree: B.A. in Liberal Arts/Psychology minor: Sociology

University of New Hampshire, 2 years of graduate study in Counseling.


Internships/Employment Related to Major

Graduate Intern, Feminist Health Center, Greenland NH
March 1998 - August 1998

Trained for several weeks on "AB" (Abortion) counseling, as well as HIV counseling. Shadowed other health workers while learning to develop my own style.

Learned other jobs such as checking patient vitals, scrub duty and contraception choice counseling

Counseled during both abortion clinics and HIV testing services weekly

Provided direct emotional support to patients during actual abortion procedure. Patients were awake during procedure.

Graduate Intern, Southern New Hampshire AIDS Task Force, Nashua NH
January 1998 - March 1998

Co-lead a Monday night support group for infected/affected-- a very rewarding experience

Performed office tasks such as paperwork, installing computer programs, and photocopying

Graduate Assistant, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, UNH
September 1997 - December 1997

Answered phones, took messages, observed the daily running of the organization for approx. 10 hrs./wk

Worked on web page project

Discussed ideas for possible projects and assisted in their facilitation

HIV Peer Counselor, Health Services UNH
September 1996 - May 1997

Conducted pre and post counseling sessions for students being tested for HIV

Delivered results, positive or negative

Provided educational information concerning HIV and sexual health

Sex Education Instructor, Marshwood Middle School, Eliot Maine
April 1997 - May 1997

Openly discussed sex, sexual health and contraception with chidren ages 8-12

Program lasted for four weeks, two days per week for one hour

Made arrangements for children in crisis to speak with a counselor

Reported abuse cases to police

President, Cool-Aid (Crisis Intervention Center), UNH
January 1996 - January 1997

Fascilitated weekly meetings to discuss calls and ways of handling them

Supervised the other Executive officers of the organization

Made sure members adhered to the confidentiality policy

Involved with the organization since Jan. 1994, and was Co-trainer of new members for 1995

Peer Education Leader, Health Services, UNH
May 1995 - May 1997

Trained to fascilitate educational programs concerning sexuality, STDs and relationships

Fascilitated approximately 2 programs each week to the campus community

Participated in one workshop each week to exchange ideas with other leaders and create new programs

Sexual Assault Counselor/Victim Advocate, Sexual Assault Support Services, Portsmouth NH
May 1995 - May 1997

Underwent 35 hours of NH state training for victim advocacy, became certified

Answered hotline calls twice a month for 24 hours each

Encountered callers of various pathologies (including multiple personality disorder and PTSD), and learned how to handle their calls

Participated in in-service trainings concerning issues of sexual assault

Sexual assault counselor/victim advocate, SHARPP, UNH
October 1994-May 1995

Underwent approximately 45 hours of training concerning sexual assault, campus conduct rules, NH laws, and victim advocacy

Beeper shift for 1 week every two months

Attended monthly meetings for the organization to discuss calls, stories in the media, and events in NH (such as Take Back the Night)

Research Experience

Independent study, sponsored by Dr. Victoria Banyard, Psychology Dept., UNH
September 1996 - December 1996

Interviewed residents of a local homeless shelter concerning their ways of coping with stress, ea. interview lasted approx 1.5 hrs.

Observed the daily running of the shelter and took part in shelter meetings and activities

Researched the topic of stress and coping among the homeless and presented a 20 page research paper on what I learned


Independent study, sponsored by Dr. Banyard, Psychology Dept., UNH
January 1997 - May 1997

Continuation of first semester independent study with an emphasis on how stress impacts the perceived susceptibility of homeless shelter residents to HIV/AIDS

Presented ideas concerning HIV educational programs for local homeless shelter residents to a Community Psychology class. Educational program was unfortunately not presented to homeless shelter residence because the director of the homeless shelter resigned

Presented 20 page research paper on results of 25 interviews concerning coping mechanisms integrated with HIV research and proposed program


Academic and semester honors

Affiliate Member, American Psychological Association

Student Member, American Counseling Association