Breakfast with the Arts (unknown date in 2005)(CDR): The Power of Orange Knickers, interview, Sleeps with Butterflies, interview, Leather

Polish Radio 3/9/05 (CDR): Parasol, Seaside, The Power of Orange Knickers, Sleeps with Butterflies, Mother Revolution

That's Live Radio, 3/27/05: Interview, Sleeps with Butterflies, Leather, Quiz, Improv, Quiz, QA, The Power of Orange Knickers, and Winter

Clearwater, FL 4/1/05 (CDR): Original Sinsuality, Angels, "laundry" improv, Happy Phantom, Jamaica Inn, Seaside, Winter, Playboy Mommy, God Bless the Child (Billie Holiday), Candle In the Wind, Marys of the Sea, Sister Janet, Marianne, Pretty Good Year, Rattlesnakes, The Beekeeper, The Power of Orange Knickers, Putting the Damage On, Another Girl's Paradise, 1000 Oceans

Orlando, FL 4/3/05 (CDR): Original Sinsuality, Leather, Parasol, Beauty Queen, Horses, Bells For Her, Mother, Ribbons Undone, My Favorite Things (Rodgers & Hammerstein/Sound of Music cover), Imagine (John Lennon cover), Marys of the Sea, Instrumental (Josephine), Jackie's Strength, Crazy, Strange, The Beekeeper, Not The Red Baron, Famous Blue Raincoat, Never Seen Blue, Cloud On My Tongue

Atlanta, GA 4/4/05 (CDR): Original Sinsuality, Blood Roses, Past the Mission, Sleeps with Butterflies, Cooling, The Power of Orange Knickers, Doughnut Song Rocket Man (Elton John), Killing Me Softly, Carbon, Jamaica Inn, Landslide, I Don't Like Mondays, The Beekeeper, Tear In Your Hand, Josephine, Merman, Twinkle

Hartford, CT 4/10/05 (DVD ONLY): Original Sinsuality, Beauty Queen, Horses, Carbon Parasol, Leather, Jackie's Strength, Strange, Tori's Piano Bar: 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) (Simon & Garfunkel), Me and Bobby McGee (Janis Joplin), Mrs. Jesus, Marys of the Sea, Silent All These Years, Ribbons Undone, Spring Haze, The Beekeeper, Merman, Cloud On My Tongue, Sweet the Sting, Twinkle

Philadelphia 4/11/05 (CDR): Original Sinsuality, Yes Anastasia, Parasol, Marianne, Happy Phantom, Snow Cherries from France, Rattlesnakes, Streets of Philadelphia (Bruce Springsteen), Landslide (Fleetwood Mac), The Power of Orange Nickers, Winter, Mother Revolution, Space Dog, The Beekeeper, Tear In Your Hand, Baker Baker, Etienne, Toast

Boston, MA 4/12/05 (CDR): Original Sinsuality, Happy Phantom, Sweet the Sting, Little Amsterdam, Carbon, Cars and Guitars, Crazy, Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics), River (Joni Mitchell), Jamaica Inn, Cooling, Space Dog, Goodbye to Pieces, China, The Beekeeper, Sweet Dreams, Leather, Doughnut Song, Ribbons Undone

Chicago, IL 4/15/05 (CDR): Original Sinsuality, Father Lucifer, Mother Revolution, Yes, Anastasia, Apollo's Frock, Parasol, Mother, Operator (Jim Groce), The Circle Game (Joni Mitchell), Cars and Guitars, Space Dog, Marianne, Barons of Suburbia, Cool On Your Island, The Beekeeper, Honey, Sweet the Sting, Cloud On My Tongue, Ribbons Undone